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Swimwear for fashion fat women 2013 2014 – Photo of Fashionable Styles And Tips for Choosing

The swimming season for fashion fat women 2013 2014 often becomes a real challenge, and sometimes stresses and reduce self-esteem. The thing necessary exposed on the beach - as in one piece bathing suit, without clothing that hides imperfections figures, often feel insecure and owner slender legs and a slim waist. However, rest on a beach near a lake or the sea can be a source of unforgettable impressions and joy in admiration of your appearance, with clothing plus size.





A properly chosen style fashion swimsuit fat women 2013 2014 will look great and feel confident - but not certainty whether in its appeal, the main factor of perfection in the eyes of others? How correctly to choose a swimsuit for fashion fat girls 2013 2014, will tell our article.

1. Choosing swimsuit for fashion fat women 2013 2014, pay attention to the fabric. It has to be tight with the content of lycra swimsuit to fits close to the body, but not pull  to not emphasize all the excess that you want to hide. The optimum content of lycra will be 18% to 30%, such fabric perfectly hugs the figure, the body breathes, and the swimsuit not lose shape after the first washing. Do not pay attention to shiny fabric, because they will attract attention to your body and plus size. From knitted swimwear for fashion fat women 2013 2014, too, should be abandoned.

2. Choosing the color of swimsuit for fashion fat women 2013 2014 pay attention to the bright colors of all colors, as well as black, blue, Burgundy, purple, brown, such colors accentuate the figure.
3. The paint on a swimsuit for fashion fat girls 2013 2014 should be large, with asymmetric and sharp images. Your tummy hide vertical and diagonal stripes in figure swimsuit. Highlight the beautiful bosom V-neck and a bright bodice.





4.От cut leotard determines how it will be for you to sit. The optimal variant, which is suitable for any for fashion fat women 2013 2014, particularly of type «Apple» is a closed swimsuit. For the figure of the type pear most suitable option - swimsuit, the bottom of which is made in the form of shorts-skirts. When the T-shaped type of shape make the main stress on the hips, for example, over the leotard on hips tie pareo, and refrain from leotard with wide straps.

5.Choosing swimsuit with bones on the bodice and  pulled inserts. It is necessary to abandon models, with narrow straps, Thong panties, bright shiny fabric, lace and other decoration on the problem areas - such a swimsuit for fashion fat women 2013 2014 is undesirable, as it increases the figure.

6.Of course, buying a swimsuit plus size you want to try it, move around a little from side to side and sit on his haunches, in order to make sure that the breast is not "fall out", swimsuit nowhere is too tight and you in it comfortably. If you are satisfied, then this is your swimsuit.
Closed swimwear for fashion fat women 2013 2014




Solid swimsuit - preferred for ladies with appetizing forms. First of all it is perfectly hide belly and flanks. Buying the same solid swimsuit for fashion fat women 2013 2014 with утягивающими inserts or утягивающим corset you visually "throw" a couple of pounds. Indoor swimsuit be the best choice for outdoor activities - diving in the swimming pool or riding a jet ski, you can be sure that you will not lose one of the parts of your beach costume, as often happens with a bikini.

Separate bathing suits for fashion fat women 2013 2014 can choose the ladies with reasonable completeness and expressed waist (body types "hourglass" and "pear"). Remember that if you have excess weight and clothing plus size you will look better in separate bathing suit with relatively high panties and a tight bodice, which keeps well chest. Also note the two-piece bathing suit, the lower part of which is made in the form of panties with a low edge ("rectangular"and not "triangular" form), shorts or skirts. But a Thong and a tiny bikini better to refuse. If you complete shoulders and back - choose bodice with wide straps (narrow drive into the skin, creating unsightly creases).

Swimwear tankini for fashion fat women 2013 2014

Tankini is a middle link between the separation and fluid swimsuit, consisting of shorts and beach Topa, to disguise the tummy. The lower part of the tankini for fashion fat girls 2013 2014 can also be shorts or a skirt. Such a swimsuit, as well as an indoor, highlight the advantages and hide figure flaws. Top tankini is a Cup that allows perfectly emphasize the chest. The choice you can find a bathing suit with the straps «criss-cross», straps, завязывающимися on the neck, wide or narrow straps, profitable combinations of colors. For fashion fat women 2013 2014 type "pear" and "Apple" makes sense to choose options with skirt, with broad shoulders (figure type T or inverted triangle) stop your choice on models with the panties.

Swimwear, dresses and swimsuits skirt give any fashion fat women 2013 2014 flirtatious youthful appearance. They are perfectly hide figure flaws, and V-neck fine stresses and supports the chest. These swimsuits are suitable for all types of figures, especially for the "pears". Leotard with the skirt can be as uniform and dichroic - choose a model with a darker tint bodice or bottom, depending on which part of the body to distract the most.

Accessories to choose a swimsuit

If you chose a fitting silhouette swimsuit for fashion fat women 2013 2014, but still feel insecure on the beach, try to Supplement the image of a couple or саронгом. Such a detail not only protect you from the sun, but will hide full hips or protruding tummy. Moreover, elegantly повязанном on the hips pareo you can take a stroll by the water, and go quietly in the beach cafe.

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