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Fashion clothing for fat women.

Modern fashion is characterized by democracy: it does not limit the rigid rules and provides all the odds look good. Fashion for thick women autumn-winter 2013 does not deviate from the General trends, but accentuates the choice of modern women in certain shapes, colours and tissues of the proposed models.




Several recommendations help to find the optimal fashion dresses for fat women 2013.




Fully constructed of clothes for fat women 2013

Choose a dress whole cut, so as cross referring of any type, whether it is the line of the cut, accessories or color strip, visually make the figure shorter.




The optical parts of clothes for fat women 2013

Vertical lines focus on growth, creating the impression of a more slender figure it apply for dresses for fat women 2013, including single-breasted fasteners, inserts fit.
In the current season autumn-winter 2013 designers offer original skirts and dresses, which is very advantageous to hide volumes, therefore, attract the attention of fat women: the Central part of a dress or skirt is made of dark material than the side, the lighter parts. Thanks to this technique opinion focuses on the longitudinal strip the clothes, and the side elements as if they merge with the space, and the figure seems slimmer.




The ideal preference for fat women 2013 - fashion jackets, coats, waistcoats, cardigans from light fabrics that look good on top of a dark dress-basis. Using this method, it is hidden width waist and hips, but a jacket or cardigan when this button is not necessary.
Straight cut pants in conjunction with form-fitting tunic also a very good option for fat women.

Cut of clothes for fat women 2013





V-neck or a vertical cut lengthen the neck. By the way, the collar will make your neck shorter and bigger.

Sleeve of clothes for fat women 2013

Choose long or a little short sleeve: three-quarters, you can 5/8, that will allow to emphasize the length and completeness of hands. Model sleeve flashlight add the width of the shoulders, while the hands will appear shorter.

Materials of clothes for fat women 2013





Offered by today's fashion tweed, velvet, fur, as well as items made coarsely textured viscous, should be excluded from use, as these materials are visually add volume figure. Ideal fabrics for clothes of clothes for fat women 2013 are all smooth fabric, leather, different light texture.

The color scheme of clothes for fat women 2013

Bright colors always focus on the silhouette. Black slimming, but also the color underlines any deviation lines that very specific on the outlines of a complete shape. More successful is dark blue, olive, purple, sea-green, khaki, Bordeaux red wine. Choose a cool colors: violet, blue or neutral shades of grey and beige colours.

Prints of clothes for fat women 2013

In autumn of the current year will increase the relevance of things with prints: leaves and flowers of autumn. For a complete shape the best option would be clothes with prints of medium size. If you wear, for example, pullover with a giant print, it will emphasize the large figure, that for full absolutely unprofitable.
Cell, large or small - the most successful solution: coats, skirts, both direct and close fitting cut, straight trousers, made free from the hip. To these things, you can add accessories such as print: umbrella, cap or bag. They will fix yours title followers of fashion trends of the season.

Accessories of clothes for fat women 2013

In fashion large jewelry, but fat women 2013 preferable to opt for the average size of the product, that does not increase the impression of awkwardness.
Will look excellent on full fashion brooches, illustrating the advantages of the figures.
Do not forget about the scarves. Bright fabrics wool, knitted acrylic - ideal for the role of the scarf. You can beat the accents. If you have a black coat in a classical style, complete with bright yellow or red scarf.

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