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Fashion clothes for fat women 2013 2014, devices and trends.


Fashion fat 2013 2014 - tips and advises from designers of style

Dear readers, who sent questions about the selection of clothes for fat women, thank you for your patience. I've been thinking how best to group the material: full figures are so different! Not all advice fits all, everybody is individual, and the final decision will be always yours. In this article we will discuss the most common mistakes that make women with dresses plus size.

What kind of clothes for fat women in 2013 2014 exist?

There is a widespread belief that fat girls can not use at all in the clothes the  horizontal lines. This is not true. Every fat girls  can intelligently and subtly use horizontal lines to balance the proportions of the total figure. Our brains evaluates dimensions are compared with each other. Correctly positioning the horizontal can balance the contrasts of wide and bottlenecks, visually put out the fat with help of fashion clothing 2013.

Beautiful style clothes for fat women with a figure of A

Fat women with a figure of A (narrow sloping shoulders, wide hips) are well aware of where is the critical zone: the buttocks and "breeches". Your main goal is to balance the width of the hips and shoulder width. This means positioning the horizontal lines at the top of the ensemble, vertical - at the bottom. For you fashion fat clothing 2013 2014 in such unusual variants - cut cupped dress without shoulder yoke, wide, sprawling collars, short beads, sleeves to armhole (such as Flashlight), will go in your favor. You also suitable fashion for fat details - lines radiating from the waist up: V-neck cut, smell, long beads.

The color composition clothes for fat women should be built on the principle of light top - dark bottom, because, as you may know, dark colors visually reduce the volume.

Fashion clothes for fat women in 2013 2014 with a figure of T

Fat Women with a T shape (curvy shoulders, massive bust, relatively narrow hips and flat buttocks) opposite should prefer ensembles dark top, light bottom and the lines radiating from the waist down. Your skirt should encircle the hips and gently extend the knees (which, by the way, for those who want to appear slimmer, regardless of the type of figure) - so your figure will get a fairly broad base. For you the best beautiful fashion fat clothing 2013 2014 - skirts tapering downwards, will make your silhouette in the roly-poly. Cut-outs you'd better choose wide oval, jewelry - massive, large drawings.

General recommendations for fat women 2013 2014 (photos)

We recommend fat women to use in all sorts of dressing 2013 2014 vertical lines of: fasteners, barrel, deep folds and slits on the skirt, vertical stripes pattern. But the vertical lines only slim and lengthen the figure when they are straight, not curved. Therefore, they must be either rigid or rather short. Be careful when buying a jersey with a vertical light strip: facilitate your form will become vertically curved lines that accentuate the fullness! Remember that part of the horizontal strip, in contrast to the broad horizontal stripes, pull in length and adds growth. Frequent horizontal stripes peeking between the wide-open floor dark jacket, very slim. You can dress a diagonal cell and all kinds of diagonal lines that add to growth.

Look at your fat dresses in mirror.

Stand up straight in front of the mirror and find your widest part of the hips. At this level, the horizontal lines are strictly prohibited! Try to raise the bottom line of the jacket for about three fingers above - this is your short top, which must be worn with pants and long skirts. Now, about the palm below the forbidden line - this is your long top, with which you want to wear a skirt to the knee. Do not wear a short top with a short bottom and a long - long.

Everyone knows that the main principle of selection of fashion clothes for fat women 2013 2014- not to draw attention to the problem areas. You should not wear flashy belt at the waist decoration, fashion 2013 2014 large buttons, bows and other decorative items that are located in places where it is better not to attract views. Try to keep things in multi-sets of different colors are peeking out from under each other around the waist and hips (from the top jumper, blouse under a jacket).

But did you remember that at the waist and hips are also ... hand - namely the part of the hand from the elbow to the wrist. So you need to be very careful to decorations on the sleeves: decorative bands, flounced cuffs and bracelets and handbags on the average length of the belt that you wear on your shoulder: these bags just fall to the level of the waist, and if the case has attracted attention, she at the same time draw attention to fat women areal. So complete is recommended that women wear bright handbag or in your hand or in the crook of the elbow, but if bag hanging on his shoulder - tighten the belt harder to bag provided armpit.

Fashion Hair and shoes for fat women 2013 2014

Fashion fat girl plus size rarely wear very short haircut - and rightly so. Especially if you have a T-type figure, your head should not seem too small for the body, or the visual sensation of fullness sharply increases. Curls, high whipped trendy hairstyles, bob, curled from the person and lush waves of medium length hair - a very good choice, but make no mistake, the inherent mostly young girls - do not release the long straight hair below the shoulder blades! This, I may say, hairstyle extremely disadvantageous for your type of addition: hair spilling over her shoulders and hanging down the back make you look like an unkempt hut. If you wear long hair loose, the main volume of your hair must be above the shoulders, and the ends of the hair to otfilirovat.

2013 2014 fashion fat women often prefer shoes rounded, blunt-nosed, heavy square heel, on a massive platform, considering that the very elegant fine fashion shoes for fat women in 2013 2014 with sophisticated forms will only emphasize the fullness of the calf. In fact, in the blunt-nosed shoes your foot in proportion seems too short (especially that boned people, mostly full-bodied, hands and feet, really, there are small and exquisite), and from this body as it loses its footing, it seems bulky. Therefore, your beautiful fashion footwear for fat women 2013 2014 should be visible, giving a good balance of your figure. There are suitable and robust platform, and shoes with a rounded nose on the steady heel.

Dress fashionable and stylish.

Be lovely!

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