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Check it out! What is hot in Summer 2014 for fat ladies. Fashion advices special for you


If you are a young modern girl, following the latest trends from the world of high fashion, versed in the leading trends, dreaming dress stylish and tasteful, then you probably know how difficult it is to find  something really beautiful and fashionable today ... Especially if your  size 50 and over. Why fashion is a loyal and democratic, open to all sorts of experiments, so rigidly focused exclusively on slims  whose size does not exceed 46? No, of course, there are brands, among which even world-famous: Armani, Gucci, Givenchy, which include its large size collection, but their shows on the catwalks still flashed high and thin models. Fortunately, there are some brands that specialize in the production of collections specifically for women with forms. And today we learn that we have prepared for these brands for the coming  summer 2014.


Elena Miro Summer 2014

Famous Italian brand of clothing for obese women presented in Milan awesome collection Summer 2014 «For me». Clothing sizes from 42 to 52, which means that even slim brand fans will find something interesting for yourself. The collection is outstanding the truly successful, included a large number of blouses and jackets with shoulder sauté, medium length skirts with neat and fine cuts side zipper jacket with three-quarter sleeves, a variety of pants and shorts. Groupie dresses will be delighted by such a stylish dresses this season - a bag that is perfect for cool spring and interesting models of dresses - Bando. As for colors, then there was the favorite designer snakeskin and reptile skin. Most things are made in precisely this color scheme, but there are models completely black or "gorgeous emerald." The main idea of ​​the collection - to show grace and flexibility woman, her natural strength and passion. And then it does not matter, 42nd in her clothing size or 50th.






Marina Rinaldi Summer 2014

Another well-known Italian brand Marina Rinaldi also pleased the audience chic collection of clothes for fat women Summer 2014. This is really stylish and fashionable clothing for young women, walking in step with the times. You can see how competently designer plays with flowers and cut, making clothing from Marina Rinaldi is able to "skrast" to 10 extra pounds its owner! Luxury Dress coffee tones cut free by the truth-model summer floral colors and elegant dresses to the floor in the Greek style - there are options for every taste!




Designer has also offered elegant trousers and skirt suits that will be a great option for business and office. And incredibly feminine and sexy little black lace dresses are specially designed for a romantic evening image.







Other fashionable dresses for fat girls  Summer 2014

Fashion for women with big forms not limited to the two discussed above brands. Major trends «plus size» Summer 2014 - this culture of femininity and tenderness, beauty and harmony. Popular maxi dresses  with a high waist. They profitable hide wide hips and visually stretched silhouette. Ideally, if the dress has a V-neckline, which will focus on your beautiful breasts, thereby diverting attention from the problem areas - shoulders and arms.




There are also very popular so called "sac dress." They are loved by many and slim ladies. If you have extra pounds are concentrated in the lower part of the body (abdomen, hips, butt), then dress-bag is the best hide them.


Women's magazines and fashion-programs on TV are constantly told that the horizontal bar fills. But why, then, looking  collection for big ladies, we are constantly confronted with dresses is this color? Yes, because not every horizontal strip "stretches". Look how well the models are sitting on the dress from FOREVER 21 and Nordstripe. And plus everything else - a horizontal bar - one of the leading trends for Summer 2014!


Choosing jeans, pants or skirt, prefer dark colors - black, dark blue. In combination with a light top is the winning option to make silhouette visually lighter and slimmer.


Evening dresses Summer 2014 for fat girls are mostly free, "flying" cut. This is a delicate chiffon, natural and artificial silk and, of course, all the favorite lace. Long or medium length dress - is not important. The main rule: choosing evening dress, give preference to models with a high waist. And yet, if your size is more than 46, the dresses of "mermaid", "pencil" and «baby doll» should be abandoned.



Fashion swimwear for overweight women Summer 2014

And at the end of article just a few words about fashion swimsuit season summer 2014. Unlike dresses, swimsuit is not able to specifically hide any figure flaws, and therefore should be particularly careful to approach his or her choice, betting underscore using it the most profitable parts your body. You probably smart magnificent breasts? Then swimwear - Bandeau and bustier - what you need! Interesting models can be found in the collections of the brand Forever 21 Spring 2014 and Josephine Swim Spring 2014. Briefs must be high-waisted. No bikini! And if you like conjoint swimwear - they also in vogue this summer. Hit of the season - conjoint with sculpting swimwear inserts at the waist. This bathing suit your figure will become incredibly sexy and feminine shape.






As you can see, fashion for overweight women not standing still. There are new designers, new brands, producing truly worthy large things . If desired, each girl will be able to pick up a gorgeous wardrobe for work, walks, "publication." Beautiful, fashionable and stylish can and should look absolutely any woman! And it does not matter what your height and weight.

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