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Course Name: Fashion dressmaking courses online. Cutting and sewing 2012

The program of education fashion design class online Cutting and Sewing (full course)

Section number 1. Cutting and sewing

o Subject number 1. Production of fashion design skirts and trousers.
o Topic number 2. Designing your shoulder.
o 2.1. Building construction drawing basics dresses with sleeves.
o 2.2. The construction drawing basics sleeves.
o Topic number 3. Modeling shoulder fashion design product.
o 3.1. Simulation of the sleeves. Methods for modeling the bodice.
o Topic number 4. Design collar.
o 4.1. Types of collars, racks, turn-down, one-piece.
o Subject number 5. The processing nodes of female fashion design light dresses.
o 5.1. Treatment of pockets, collars, sleeves, zip.
o Subject number 6. Construction of a woman's dress fashion design.
o 6.1. Construction of the drawing.
o 6.2. Construction Sleeves Children's drawing dresses.
o Subject number 7. Working with patterns.
o 7.1. Building patterns.
o 7.2. Adapting patterns from the magazine "Burda".
o Subject number 8. Repair and renewal fashion design clothing.
o 8.1. Darn. Patches.
o 8.2. Repair of clothing replacement of small parts.
Section number 2. Modeling and design fashion design fashion
o Subject number 1. Cost layout patterns on fabric articles shoulder, cutting, preparation of articles for a fitting.
o 1.1. Conducting a fitting, application changes after fitting, sequential processing of technological products with shoulder padding, lining parts of jackets and coats.
o Topic number 2. Technology implementation buckles - polo fasteners, pockets, "portfolio"
o Topic number 3. Technology implementation collar - bow, Schalke, mold, frill.
o Topic number 4. Technology implementation of reliefs, the Basques, ruff, flounces.
o Subject number 5. Technology implementation loops, welt pockets with two facings, with the leaves.
o Subject number 6. Finishing of women's clothing: tucks, folds, applique, hand and machine buff, aerial loops.
o Subject number 7. Independent work on selected thumbnail, the description of the model, the choice of fabric, making patterns, layout patterns on the fabric, the practical work.
o Subject number 8. Cutting, fitting preparation for holding the fitting, causing changes after fitting.
o 8.1. Scheduling sequential processing technology, sewing items, practical work.
o Subject number 9. Tailoring products, practical work.
o Subject number 10. Passed (interview).

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