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Characterization of landscape design training, courses, school, programs 2012

Owning a beautiful, elegant houses adjoining the site, the alpine slide at the window, flower beds and a greenhouse, a garden or an entire fleet - the dream of every owner of a house. That is why landscape design school online - it is one of the most popular courses is now. Of course, you can land in a mess on the chrysanthemum flower beds - gladioli, but now it is somehow even no komilfo when the neighbors is part of the work of landscape design at one of fashionable trends. So the services of landscape designers are now increasingly bought, and the profession, this becomes more popular. Get it could have, landscape design school online and landscape design programs. This will give you a creative, interesting specialty; you'll love as a personal hobby.

Incidentally, the landscape design school online, and many are written "for himself" - that, having the skills of professional landscape designer, to embody all your fantasies in your own garden. Having offered our training in landscape design school student mastered a profound theoretical basis of trends in the development of classic and innovative areas of landscape art, as well as practical skills in this area.

Our courses are landscape designer will introduce you to various historical styles of landscape art, which from time to time come into fashion again. In landscape design will introduce you to the manor style with Russian, Chinese Fen shui in landscape design, the classic European styles (Baroque, Classicism, Rococo, Art Nouveau), an extremely popular and is still a country style, etc. If you are more interested in contemporary landscape design courses demonstrate the possibilities of cutting-edge trends, for example, Eco-tech.

Traditionally, landscape design school online a lot of attention paid to the study of Japanese tendencies in landscape architecture, in particular, the style of "Sein", which has had a huge impact on the current trends of landscape design. You will learn the most important methods and techniques of garden design get to know the symmetry and asymmetry in landscape design, floral designs, horticultural tricks with perspective, proportionality and scaling techniques of color, taking into account seasonal changes, spotting dominant, with the prospect of work. We also study the role of small architectural forms - pagodas and pavilions, fountains and ponds, alpine slides.

In the fashion landscape design school courses include lectures, individual decorative floral designs online. Our school is a great landscape design emphasis is on practical skills in the care of plants, their selection of the composite, the formation of the crown, the choice of plants for the alpine hills and hedges, lawn.On the lessons IN landscape design school is also studied selection of soil and planting technology, basic drainage hydrology. You will certainly appeal, and such a part of learning how to drafting and sketching, interaction with customers, contractors and work teams, the foundations of management in this area.

Having finished our landscape design courses, you can use them both at the site or in any firm where needed landscape designers. You will not have problems with employment, and more than that during the passage of our training you will surely see the prospect of personal business in the field of landscape design!

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