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Online  shopping store Trussardi offers products and accessories 100% made in Italy, in a style that is strong and thin, sharp and fresh. Choice of leathers and materials online catalog is unique, characterized by uncompromising quality and an incomparable experience.

Online  shopping store Trussardi is a comprehensive brand in its constant development, which includes the city of bicycles, pet accessories, perfumes, candles and glasses. Online Shop http://experience.trussardi.com/ clothing and accessories available in the most prestigious multi-brand stores in the world, in addition to boutiques Trussardi in Milan, Rome, Shanghai, Macau, and the Internet.


Online  shopping store Tru Trussardi brand was founded in 2005 and its collection Trussardi mixed quality and style with the practicality of clothing that is designed for the city. New clothing collections are perfect for any occasion, elegant, casual, Tru Trussardi is designed for dynamic metropolitan lifestyle.

Online  shopping store Tru Trussardi is for men and women in the modern world is less and less they are tied to any rigid, predetermined concepts of a professional working style to a dinner with friends. Distributed through a network of online catalog stores around the world, Tru Trussardi is planning concept of clothing that meets the needs of a new generation of men and women in their simplicity, elegance and constant striving for quality.

Trussardi Jeans

Online  shopping store Trussardi Jeans label expresses a more informal side of Trussardi fashion. Denim and other high-quality fabrics, bold shapes and colors are the hallmarks of the collection Trussardi Jeans.

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